Fostering Lasting Partner Relationships

Your success requires partners that understand your value and reliably deliver your products to their customers.

Is Inspired works passionately with your team to:

  • define the critical objectives unique to your partner network.
  • design processes that are tangible, measureable, and appropriate to growth stage and budget.
  • implement platform technologies aligned with those processes and objectives.

Working together, we deliver a Partner Relationship Platform and programs that achieve immediate sales results, flexibly adapts to change as your partner network scales, and develops a lasting bond between you and your partners based on shared success.

Partner Relationship Development

When designing a strategy for your channel, one size does not fit all. What worked for some products and companies may not be the right move for yours. A well structured but adaptable plan takes your current realities, goals, and marketplace into account.


To get where you’re going, we need to understand where we are. We complete a comprehensive assessment of your current channel marketing platform and tools. How many channel partners do you have today? What percentage of revenue is driven through the channel? Where will you be two years from now and how do you want that ratio to change? What are your current resources and processes? How are you currently recruiting and ramping partners? How are they retained? What have you identified today that is making growth difficult?


Next we look into the future and build a vision of what a fully functional channel should look like. What process will we need to build? What platform will we use? Who needs to be involved? Building partner profiles helps define who to pursue and how to approach them.


Small/startups are nimble and can get alot done in a short amount of time. We work with natural startup agility to build strategies and programs that are competitive with the big guys and an affordable price. Good tools enable your sales and channel marketing experts to focus on revenue generating activities like sales and demand gen, instead of spreadsheet manipulation, manual doc creation and other busywork. Our Tools & Infrastructure approach is geared towards achieving channel revenue goals within realistic budget models. We assemble best practices from throughout the industry from manual entry to enterprise level automatic marketing platforms.

Relationships In Action

Gina Batali-Brooks started the Is Inspired channel marketing consultancy in 2008 and since then, the clientele has grown steadily as well as the team. Now, the Is Inspired team consists of expert consultants and support staff, ready to meet the needs of both start up and developed tech companies.

The staff at Is Inspired works hard, works smart, has fun, and puts clients needs first. We stay true to our ideals and believe that in order for us to succeed, we have to enable our clients to succeed.

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