Channel Infrastructure Adoption

The Adoption Problem

We have great tools. Why don’t people use them?

Has your team ever expended massive efforts to launch a platform, but it ends up with low (or no) adoption? Are your users taking advantage of some functionality but not getting the full benefits from what is available? With the number of vendor platforms and communication streams the average partner has to deal with, it’s a miracle that we get any engagement at all. We owe it to our partner communities to build tools that are easy to use, processes that are easy to follow, and programs that are easy to understand. Think about your current partner facing infrastructure. Are there any:

What does it take to make that the user community is able to take full advantage of what is available to them?

The Is Inspired Approach

Ongoing adoption is as important as initial implementation.

Much attention and effort is focused on launch but, in most cases, the real work begins once a platform is up and running. Just because you build it, does not mean they will come. Communications, events, training, and incentives all have to be coordinated with as much focus after launch as leading up to it. 

The programmatic approach to adoption.

The Assess, Select, Implement, and Adopt cycle is used for new tool implementations, but can also be used for adoption efforts with existing components in your partner ecosystem. Our assessment recommendations frequently include better ways to use existing infrastructure instead of the default ‘rip and replace’ approach.

Our standard adoption services include:

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