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Our goal is to empower your bold channel ideas through infrastructure.

Gina Batali-Brooks

President ~ Is Inspired, LLC


Leveraging what you have while strategically addressing what you don't.


  • Understand your channel goals
  • Review As Is Partner Experience
  • Onboard as a new partner
  • Conduct partner interviews
  • Identify gaps in your channel technology stack, data and processes
  • Define key business requirements
  • Develop an optimization plan


  • Partner experience overview
  • System adoption analysis
  • Documented processes with identified issues
  • Actionable quick wins
  • Best practice action plan


Make the vision a reality, one step at a time.


  • Develop a prioritized channel infrastructure roadmap
  • Execute solution selection process
  • Define what success looks like
  • Develop integration specifications
  • Implement systems, processes and data changes


  • Milestone based channel infrastructure roadmap
  • RFP and selection criteria
  • Execution of phased implementation goals
  • Measurable success criteria


Continually evolve the infrastructure to support changing business models.


  • Ongoing support to manage infrastructure changes
  • Evaluation of adoption and engagement metrics
  • Recommendation of enhancements to system processes and data
  • Ongoing channel operations support
Relationships in Action

Gina Batali-Brooks started the Is Inspired channel infrastructure consultancy in 2008. Since we have had the privilege of helping our customers role out innovative new programs, simplify processes, increase partner system adoption and improve partner satisfaction.

The Is Inspired team consists of expert consultants and support staff, ready to meet your channel needs. The team loves to solve tough problems and seeing our customers experience success. We also believe fun is an important part of the process.

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