Channel Infrastructure Assessments

The Current State of Channel Infrastructure

How did your channel infrastructure get like this?

In most organizations, channel infrastructure has been built over time, adapting to changing teams, technology, and strategic objectives. While each update and overhaul may have been necessary at the time, these evolutions can result in:

Do you recognize any of these signs?

Think about all the systems, tools, and processes required for your partners to conduct business with your organization. Do you know how your partners feel about the experience?Have you noticed any of these signs?

Have you tried these fixes that haven't worked?

Has your team recognized some of these issues and worked on fixing them? Some problems are straightforward and can be resolved directly with a successful project or process improvement. However, in a highly integrated environment, some problems can’t be resolved with a simple fix and a solution in one area can have unintended consequences in other areas.

Have you tried:

Did these solutions work or did the underlying issues remain?

The Is Inspired Approach

"Without a comprehensive understanding and governing roadmap, individual infrastructure fixes are ineffective and can cause more problems than they solve."

- Gina Batali-Brooks | President, Is Inspired

We need to see the whole picture.

Our team begins engagements with a systematic and comprehensive process for assessing the partner experience, partner infrastructure, and critical business processes. Our time tested approach results in: 

We need to make meaningful progress.

New projects and new tools might not resolve current issues or result in an effective and easy-to-use environment for partners to work in. Our assessment packages provide a roadmap where projects (large and small), process improvements, and quick wins all come together in a logical order for implementation. 

Assessment Packages

Partner Experience Assessment

Evaluation of the Partner Experience and Quick Win Recommendations

Infrastructure Roadmap Assessment

Development of a Step-By-Step Approach to Address System and Data Gaps

Process Assessment

Documentation and Identification of Hot Spots in Existing Channel Processes